You can never get too much of a good thing

I have a vague memory of something about diminishing marginal utility – a vague recollection of my Economics teacher trying to convince us that the more we had of something, the less we’d enjoy it. And yes, there is an argument for seldom being wonderful. And there might well be a case to be made for delayed gratification. Personally, though, I’m all for the never getting enough of a good thing.

Last night was the fourth time I’ve seen the  wonderful Budapest Bár. Twice this summer alone. And they’re brilliant. They’ve yet to disappoint. I’d go even further and say that they could never disappoint, but I know better than to say never – it has a habit of biting me in the ass.

We had three newbies with us – three mates who had never seen the lads before. Okay, so I might have gone a little over the top in my enthusiasm about Frenk, and perhaps in their eyes he didn’t live up to his billing, but hey, taste is personal. I still think that he’s God’s gift to creation.

And he did his fab duet with Németh Juci – The Wild Rose- made famous by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. That’s a song I can’t get enough of. Last time I saw them, I got to see Kiss Tibi from Quimby live in action and subsequently went to one of his gigs – brilliant. This time I saw Szűcs Krisztián from Heaven Street 7. I might well be keeping an eye out for those boys, too.

Last year, I saw them in the Zoo. Last night’s gig was in the courtyard of the Petőfi Literary Museum. And that’s just part of what makes summer in Budapest so special. These outdoor gigs. Popping up in courtyards and parks and kert bars all over the city. Everything from the more cultural venues like museums to the down and dirty Budapest Park (scene of my unfortunate accident some weeks ago – and yes, I’m still in pain). And when you’re dealing with concert tickets ranging from €5 to the €12 we paid for last night’s gig, there’s no limit to the number you can try out. So if HS7 aren’t all that Szűcs might seem to promise, I won’t be too disappointed.

So my mates were more impressed with Juci than with Frenk and in fairness, the woman certainly has a set of lungs. And that’s the beauty of the Bár – there are so many of them that there’s always going to be someone there for everyone.

I reckon I could fit at least one more BB gig this summer. As I say, you can never get enough of a good thing… and yes, the ‘never’ here is intentional 🙂

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  1. Mary, I was sorry to hear about your tumble and I hope each day finds you closer to your old self again. If I may act like the proverbial “Dutch Uncle” take your time, ease into activities,anything involving damage to the tailbone requires more time to heal than you think. I hope you brought a cushion with you when you saw Budapest Bar. I enjoyed your clip and have found several more on YouTube so I’ll be exploring them thoroughly this weekend. Enjoy the rest of Summer. Andy

    1. Glad you enjoyed Andy… a must-see if you’re ever back in-country. As for time – you’re telling me! And patience ain’t one of my many virtues.

  2. ” my Economics teacher trying to convince us that the more we had of something, the less we’d enjoy it.”

    Interesting. And economist’s view of the world. The more good health I have, the less I should enjoy it?

    To me: The more good health I have, the more I enjoy it. I can work more in my garden, grow more of my own food that is organic and which tastes better and it all makes me enjoy life even more.

    Never had a high opinion about most economist’s current world view. And apparently, neither does the Pope given his speech recently in Bolivia.

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