Why didn’t I listen?

Few could accuse me of not knowing my own mind. I’m rarely short of an opinion or three and, depending on the mood I’m in, I’m usually happy to share said opinions, whether asked to or not. My mind, normally in a made-up state, occasionally dithers and when that happens I take the first suggestion that comes my way. But if my mind is set on something, there’s no budging me.

More than six years ago, when I was in the midst of the angst that is spelled R-E-N-O-V-A-T-I-O-N, the Job-like VL suggested that I install water meters in my flat so that I would only pay for water used rather than a flat fee every two months. I fast-forwarded in my mind’s eye to the deluge of visitors I was expecting and the heartburn it might cause me if they spent more than their allotted three minutes in the shower. I decided to go with the fixed rate.


Three years later, I recanted. I finally got that I was being charged per square meter and that I simply wasn’t using even half of what I was being charged for. It might take me a while, but I eventually get there 🙂 I went, cap in hand, and asked VL to arrange it. Excessive pride isn’t one of my faults. I can admit to having made a mistake. I’ve had lots of practice.

The same VL also suggested that I install some plug sockets in the hall. But the floor is tiled, I reasoned, so I won’t be using a vacuum. And I have runway lights, so I won’t be needing standard lamps. So let’s not bother. Mind made up, I refused to budge. And that was a stupid decision indeed.

Today, after years of cursing my own stupidity, I’ve had an electrician in. He’s been in my flat all morning looking for connectors as he tries to install said plug sockets. There’s dust everywhere, my pictures are down, the place is a mess, and I have visitors arriving this evening. My Hungarian is as good as his English and I have no clue  what I’ve agreed to. Job almost done, I’m left wondering why the sockets can’t be closer to the ground… but still, a socket is a socket.


The next time you want to persuade me to do something, Napoleon, and my mind seems firmly made up, just mention plug sockets to me – it might make me rethink.


5 Responses

  1. And what made you re think the sockets in the hall?
    My philosophy in life, I made the right decision at the time, doesn’t mean its the right decision at a later stage. But it will do you good to beat yourself up now again.

    1. Tired of unplugging my computer to plug in the hoover and nowhere to plug in a lamp… those things I thought I’d never want to do 🙂

  2. Re sbugeja’s comment, self flagellation is never a good idea, life’s too short, No decision is ever that catastrophic. Except war, the holocaust, and racial /gender prejudice

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