Which is the fairytale?

In this trigger-happy social-media-driven world we live in, I’ve been holding my whist. I love that Irish expression for keeping your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself. But this morning, I was incandescent with rage. Pure, unadulterated rage. I was seething.

Thousands of miles from Washington DC in a little village in southwestern Hungary, I’m spewing at the gross irresponsibility of one DT Trump. I have friends, good friends who, with great thought and research, voted for Trump in the last election and plan to vote for him in this one, too. And that’s fine. I know others who are voting their colours regardless. Whatever. It’s their choice. Their vote.

I’ve listened to the counter-arguments for a lot of what he has done in the last four years and some make sense. He has improved the lot of many. The question perhaps it as the expense of what? Of whom?  But I defy anyone, of any political belief or persuasion, to explain away how a man in his position, or indeed anyone at all, could knowingly and willfully get into a hermetically sealed SUV with other people while infected with COVID. Putting the lives of those who have sworn to protect you at needless risk, for whatever reason, be it playing the public vote card or as a matter of perceived necessity, is beneath contempt. It is selfish, arrogant, and off-the-scale inconsiderate. Yes, they were wearing PPE. But so are our doctors and nurses and they still get sick.

He was probably choppered to the hospital when he tested positive and his secret service agents were no doubt with him, too. They most likely had to quarantine afterwards. That was a medical emergency, though. This? What was this? What brand of necessity was it? Ye gods!

And, meanwhile, in Hungary, the powers that be are taking issue with a book of fairy tales, Meseország Mindenkié (The Fairy World Belongs To All)  that features characters from the LGBTQ community, characters with disabilities, characters from minority backgrounds, characters who don’t usually feature in fairytales. Published by the Labrisz Lesbian Association, the book has sold out its first run. Online book retailers are taking orders for the next print. It would seem that reflecting the real world with its diverse cast of characters is an issue for some elected leaders.

I despair. I really do. What world are they living in? What world am I living in? Which is the fairytale?



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  1. ola66
    ola66 says:

    Mt father used to use the word whist to us as children saying it to us when he needed us to stop talking……..I always imagined that it was a Scottish word that his mother would have used…….now I know it was his father! Thanks.

    Ps Oh yes I agree there are a lot of things going on in the world today that don’t make any sense……..maybe if a got up on the other side of the bed…….


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