When I bought a house in a small village near the Kis Balaton in Western Hungary, I only ever intended it to be a weekend/holiday getaway. But village life has worked its magic and now I find it hard to leave.

Life-or-death decisions

Not once, but two or three or four times a day, I make life-or-death…

2019 Grateful 34: Fields of Red

I found myself explaining recently that my summer travel would…

The long way home

I'm not one for taking a walk just to walk. I do it, of course,…

The price of potatoes

When I was at home last, Boss was complaining about the price…

2019 Grateful 38

I'd been looking forward to April 18th for weeks. The first day…

2019 Grateful 40: Kis-Balaton Tour

I've driven the road from the village to Sármellék and on to…

Washing windows

Life in the village has its own momentum. Nothing seems quite…

2019 Grateful 51

I caught some form of crud during the week, a nasty chest infection…

2018 Grateful 1

2018 is drawing to a close. 2019 is almost upon us. Himself and…