The finishing touches

IMG_4162I’ve been looking and looking and looking and finally found a rug to tie this half of my bedroom together. The perfect round chobi. (No, it’s not perfectly round… it’s just perfect and round.) It’s the same pattern as the one in the living room, only larger. If you remember, I bought the first one from an chap from Afghanistan who moved to Budapest more than 10 years go. He had a shop on Rakoczi utca that closed down, much to my dismay at the time. Well, he opened up again a few doors up and a few months later, much to my delight. And, lo and behold, he had two circular chobis this time and this one was the one. And he remembered me… and he gave me a present of a lovely brass elephant… and if he hadn’t ruined it all by calling me ‘Missus’ I’d have been walking out of there on cloud nine!

It does make the room, though. It finishes it off nicely. When you’re sitting on the couch in the living room and look through the double doors, it’s like another living room (you can’t see the bed). It does wonders for the sense of space.  Maud likes having something to sit on and Juci (the little thing on the chest of drawers) seems to be enjoying her perch. She was a birthday present from the lovely N & J and although she’s the baby in the family, she seems to be holding her own up there. Her new shoots are coming along nicely. I must say, I am rather pleased with it all. (Wonder where that accent came from?????)

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