Aloe, aloe

I’ve had my fair share of palpitations as some hefty, discus-throwing woman bade me strip off and lie down. I’ve actively searched for prop-forward size men who looked like they knew what to do with their hands. I’ve gone on word-of-mouth recommendations and paid serious money to witness power and strength first hand. And yet I’ve been disappointed more often than I’ve been surprised at the misrepresentation of size and strength. Now, I’m no shrinking violet myself and I’m not in the least bit delicate, so when I was confronted by Tá, I balked. This little 4 foot something petite sliver of a woman was going to hurt me in places where I didn’t know I had places? I had my doubts.

I’d never had a Thai massage before – let alone an Aloe Thai Masszázs and I wasn’t holding out too much hope that I’d be walking any straighter at the end of my one-hour session. That was before Tá perched, kneeling on my ass, and proceeded to throw her full body weight into her elbows and then into me.

I couldn’t (and still can’t) get my head around the size of her and the sheer strength of those child-like limbs. It was the best massage I’ve had, ever. And can highly recommend it to any one in Budapest. They have two spas  – one in Zugló and the other in Ujbuda (the one that will become my local). In the words of Arnold Swartzenegger when asked to star in a movie about famous composers – I’ll be Bach!