First impressions

Last night, someone (I can’t tell you who), asked me to go somewhere (I can’t tell you where), to do something (I can’t tell you what), and I immediately said YES!

And then I got to thinking – what is it about some people that makes us like them on sight? Why do we click straight away with total strangers and reveal our innermost selves to them within the first five minutes of meeting? What is it about them that makes us feel like we have known them forever and would trust them with our very lives?  And conversely, why do we take an immediate and irrational dislike to others at first sight? And for little or no apparent reason.

I used to put it down to handshakes. If a handshake is cold and clammy then it triggers some sort of aversion in me that registers on my ‘not like’ scale. But then I realised that I was just being pretentious – it registers briefly and then it disappears. Big deal. Don’t make more of it than it is, Mary. So it’s not that. Then I got into past life regression and would pull out my pendulum and my charts and spent hours figuring out in which previous life I’d met that person and what was I trying to compensate for or protect myself from in this life’s meeting. But it’s not everyone who can handle this oddness. It can be quite disconcerting for someone to hear on second or third meeting that I knew them in a past life – as Irish convicts sent to Australia, or while being burned at the stake for heresy in the seventh century, or even worse, that I was their mother sixty years ago!

So I stopped doing that, too, in all but the  most fascinating of circumstances – and mostly when I take an instant dislike to someone. I find it helps to understand the reason why before I decide whether or not to waste my energy on ‘not liking’.

Back to last night’s invitation though: suffice to say that I took an instant liking to this person when I first met them and should it all come off, you can expect to hear more about it in June. Watch this space. Cue music….