Thinking of moving?

Statistics tell us that there were 173 million blogs in teh world in October 2011. Lots of blogs. Some pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, some functional, some interesting, some rubbish, some for cliques with niche interests … and then there’s Expat Blog.

Actually, this is more like a a web portal than a blog. It was launched in 2005 by expatriates, for expatriates. Its aim is simple: to help people living or or moving abroad, wherever they are from or wherever they would like to go. It has over 420 000 members (including yours truly) from 206 countries and 400 big cities.

The website offers various tools to help expats or those planning to acquire the moniker: discussion forums, blog directory (a great way to learn about life in another city or country) guides, photo albums,  a business directory, classifieds. It also has a jobs and housing section.  The job offers site is particularly interesting as you can access job offers for a particular country by job category and contract. You can also upload a CV and contact potential employers. See the example for Hungary job offers.

The Hungary Housing section has accommodation for rent, sale, or sharing. You can see pictures of the apartment and get in touch with the person via Expat blog (you need to be a member of Expat blog to post an ad). It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone contemplating a move abroad. And from what I’ve been hearing on the ground, seems like there’s lots of people on the move.