2021 Grateful 44: What good china?

Out walking the other day, I noticed that the lake had frozen in places. Sticks and twigs and low-lying branches that would normally dance to the ebb and flow of the water were caught in place, trapped, unable to move. That resonated. Read more

2020 Grateful 19: My git up and go…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I hadn’t realised how long until I started receiving messages this week asking me if everything was okay in my world. I forget at times that people read what I write and when I don’t post, they noticed. I find that flattering. Read more

On wanting to be a Zen master

With so much being written about COVID-19, there’s very little left to say. Yet writing about anything else seems inconceivable, as the virus consumes our thoughts, restricts our movements, and turns our worlds upside down. Read more

Were you there…

Each day this week, I’ve posted on Facebook a version of a hymn I first heard at mass last Sunday. Judging by people’s reactions, it’s an old familiar for many. Who knew. It’s often attributed as an American spiritual: the original author is unknown and it possibly combines Afro-American and white-spiritual traditions. A version of the song was first published in Old Plantation Hymns (Barton, 1899). Read more

2020 Grateful 45: Cupid and Covid-19

I was late for the wedding. I’d set my alarm to be up at 7.20 am, giving me a whole ten minutes to get there, but I’d miscalculated the time difference. My college classmate Sum was getting married in Hong Kong and they were streaming the ceremony. Read more