Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

I did a double-take when I read my friend Takács Györgyi‘s post on Facebook saying she was now offering Access Bars sessions from somewhere on Ferenciek tere. It had been a while since I’d seen her and I obviously wasn’t at all current on what was going on in her life.  I read the blurb, was mildly curious, and being of the firm belief that we should support our friends in their endeavours, no matter how outlandish or ludicrous those endeavours might seem, I booked myself a session. But what is Access Bars? I could see the bars as being blocks and the access as getting through those blocks so I was up for it. But I had no clue what lay behind it. Or who lay behind it. A quick chat with Google tells me that Gary M. Douglas, founded Access Consciousness™ and Dr Dain Heer helped him create it. Check what they have to say about where it came from on their Access Consciousness Radio Show on Voice America. They do a better job of explaining it that I do. I could tell you that Douglas channelled the tools and techniques that are the foundation of AC but that would be enough to put many of you off, so I won’t mention it. Or I could share that Heer says if you repeat the clearing statement – Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds – you can bring about positive change in your life. But if I told you that, you’d think I’d finally lost it.

Instead, I’ll just tell you what happened when I tried it.

Györgyi explained to me that it was like pushing the restart button my PC. I do that occasionally when I have so many programs running and am trying to do too much at once. The whole system seizes up and refuses to do anything, so I have to restart it. It comes back on clog-free and ready to go. I could certainly relate to that. I’ve been having a hard time lately making any decisions. I’ve been in some sort of fugue state that has me addling along and getting stuff done, but just what I need to get done. I’ve been doing the bare minimum with not a lot of energy left to do anything more. Something needed to change but I didn’t know what.

There’s lots I don’t know. I didn’t know, for instance, that there are 32 points on your head that can be used to release blocks that prevent you from thinking clearly? These points are repositories for all the thoughts and beliefs and emotions and such that you’ve had throughout your life. They build up. They get overwhelming. They include limitations and all sorts. And from what I gather, Access Consciousness helps you access the space between your limitations.

Anyway, I was up for it. All I had to do was lie down and relax for an hour.

Sound lovely? For others, maybe. I have trouble lying down and shutting off. My back hurts. I get uncomfortable. I’m a twister. And a turner. My mind goes on overdrive, deluged by a flood of should haves, could haves, and would have. But this, this Access Bars session, this was some trip.

As Györgyi moved the position of her fingers on my head, a different part of my body reacted. At one stage I saw that my torso was covered in thick royal-blue fur. Another time, everything inside my head whirled around as if my head was a washing machine and my thoughts and emotions were the clothes, Once, I felt that I was tipping over at a 45-degree angle but I made no move to stop myself. At various stages, I lost all feeling in my arms and my feet. And I was watching all of this happen as if it was happening to someone else but I could still feel the effects. It was mad.

I Googled later to see what other people had to say about their sessions.

Györgyi had made no promises. It works for different people in different ways, she said. I had my session on Wednesday evening after I’d given a workshop. I was tired. Very tired. After the Access Bars session, I met a friend for dinner and another later for a drink. I went home. I went to bed. And I woke up the next morning awake. Really awake. Awake for the first time in weeks. I was giving another workshop and instead of dragging my feet to get there, I found myself bopping along, annoyingly chipper. My concentration levels were better. My thought process was clearer. My energy levels were higher. Three days later, I’m thinking more clearly than I have in weeks. My tolerance levels are on the up and my irritability factor is on its way down. I’m getting things done, not in a have-to way but in a want-to way.

I’m back in Budapest next week for some appointments and I’ve booked another session with Györgyi, MTVSS. I need a boost to my immune system.

If your feeling blah and don’t know why or if you’ve been muddling along with nothing like the spirit you used to have, think about it. Working out of the WakeUp Community Center on Ferenciek tere, Györgyi also does home visits. Give her a shout. You’ve nothing to lose but your angst 🙂


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