Reading into number plates

Many moons ago, many lifetimes ago, when I lived in LA, I took great delight in reading number plates. Vanity plates, they called them. I’d try to decipher the code, read the hidden meaning.

One of the doctors in the practice I worked in drove a corvette. I often thought it was an extension of his ego. Anyway, he was very proud of it. I could never figure out his number plate – AMFYOYO.  And he wouldn’t tell me. Not until my last day. That was my going-away present.

When I got my mustang, I thought about getting vanity plates but either I never got around to it or I couldn’t think of anything to put on it. It takes thought. I have a hard enough time now thinking of computer passwords.

I checked the requirements randomly – this is for Conneticut.

Any combination of letters and numbers – seven characters or less. There will be no dashes or extra spaces between letters. Only one dot is allowed. The dot cannot be placed at the beginning or end of a plate number.

Some are funny. Some are clever. Some are an argument waiting to happen.

More again would have you seriously thinking about where you parked. Others would have you running a mile from whoever was driving the car. A sample of applications turned down from the various states makes you wonder at the mentality of those applying. Still, it was one way to pass the time when stuck in traffic on the freeway.

In Hungary, I’m at the same lark, except these plates aren’t vanity plates. They’re normal Hungarian three-letter, three-digit plates. But on occasion, those three letters spell a word in English.  Plates Mania has a great selection – choose from 1.7 million photos of plates from around the world – more than 200k from Hungary. Who would have thought there was such an interest.

I drove behind a middle-aged man the other day with a plate PRU-XXX. It took me off on a tangent. PRUde, PRUdent, PRUrient. Your mind could go to all sorts of places.



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  1. Yes, I’ve also often been tickled by ‘funny’ number plates, of which Hungary is a rich provider, when viewed as English text. I had to look up AMFYOYO though…

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