A dozen years of writing about whatever comes to mind

What started as a simple WordPress blog chronicling the renovation of a flat in Budapest has grown legs.

I had no plan for it, other than to keep interested parties around the world informed of what I was up to. My postage budget had been diverted to paint and time was in short supply; blogging seemed an efficient way to stay in touch.

Twelve years later, it is an intrinsic part of what I do. I write about life in Hungary, the country in which I finally got to unpack my bottom drawer.

I write about my travels, about music, food, spirituality, politics, life, death, cemeteries. I write about whatever comes to mind. There is no plan.

If you’ve just found me, welcome to a work in progress. Feel free to engage, to comment, to add to what I’ve written. Let’s chat.


We are in the midst of updating my website with a new look. We are still testing to make sure everything works. If you notice something not working, please email steve@zala.ie and let us know.

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