New fish in town

I’ve been craving fish and chips. Real fish and real chips  – hand-cut. Actually, given a choice, I’d even be so specific as to say Cajun fish and chips. But I’m in Budapest. No coastline. No chip shops. No Cajuns. And then PL mentions a new place has opened on his street – 33 Veres Pálné Utca to be precise. It’s a fish shop… and it does chips… and it does catfish. It only opened last Friday so this is hot off the fryer.

Bright and airy with seating for about 20, it’s located just off Váci and just off Muzeum korut. Near Kalvin tér metro or the 49 tram . The menu (in both English and Hungarian) boasts trout, carp, catfish, and pikeperch (none of which to my knowledge is on the endangered species list). Toppings include pumpkin seed with purple onion, basil and tomato, sour cream and lemongrass, and spiced mayo. You can have fresh salad or grilled veg and a great selection of hazi limonade.

Not being a beer head myself, I was urged to try a local brew – Little John – and surprisingly, I liked it. What more can be said: local freshwater fish, locally brewed beer, homemade lemonade, in a friendly, open atmosphere with great service (pinch me!) … it’s a must try for anyone in Budapest.

I can vouch for the fish and chips – beer battered catfish with the subtlest Cajun twist. It could have been the summer of 1998 down in the deep south in that mosquito infested river-side cabin in the woods – without the mozzies, without the woods, without the river… but you get the picture.

And, as it’s their first week open, don’t forget to throw some money on the floor – to wish them all the best. I’d like to see this place stay open for a long time. It’s open 10am to 10pm Monday-Saturday.

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