IMG_4156My living room has been taken over by plants. Yucas. Apprently, they’re the worst offenders in the Feng Shui world. But I love them. I was going to have a couple of chairs and a coffee table in the corner on the right so that I could enjoy a coffee in the winter sun, but now that Thelma and Louise have taken up residence, there’s no need. Likewise, with Mo. She’s filling her corner rather well and doing wonders for my diet – I feel like I lose 10lbs by just standing beside her.

I never really had a good sense of depth or space but since this furnishing business started, I’ve almost got the hang of creating the illusion of space. By moving the table crossways rather than lengthways, the room doubled in size (well, almost). A strange thought, that… how much of my life is merely an illusion? mmmm…

It’s wonderful having ‘living’ things in the flat. I now have someone to talk to. And it seems healthier, too. IMG_4160 This is Charlie. The poor child spent her first month here wrapped up as I hadn’t realised that her bits had all been folded into the top for the journey over. It was only last week that I pulled on one and it unfurled. She must have been dying – a little like being stuck in a complicated yogic position for weeks! IMG_4157

Marcsi, on the left, was the brave one sent ahead to test me. I hadn’t realised what Mr C was up to, but in order to make the cut as chief guardian, I had to pass the test – keep Marcsi for a couple of months and keep her alive! I passed, obviously. She’s a sweet thing but has been off her food lately. I need to get her a bigger saucer  – twice now I’ve overwatered and watered my bookcase as well (and I know that isn’t a good thing!). IMG_4159

Harold you’ve met before. He was a flat-warming gift from the Foy Winklers. He sits in a bucket of pebbles and seems to be enjoying his harem immensely. This is rather interesting as before the rest of the ladies moved in, he and Maud had to be separated. When the two of them were in the same room, they both took ill. Now that he’s in the living room with his ladies, and she’s reigning queen of the bedroom, both seem to be in fine fettle. I wonder though, if having Michael Collins looking over his shoulder is raining a little on his parade?