Kitchen: Hi honey, I’m home!

I mentioned earlier that the light in my kitchen is a little iffy… so it was with some trepidation that I decided to let two of Mr C’s plants take up residence there. In case you’ve not heard, Mr C has moved abroad and I’ve got custody of his ‘girls’. It’s been a little traumatic for all of us. You know how allergic I am to too much oestrogen so some of them are now boys. But, as he hadn’t named them, I think we’re ok.


I’m having great craic (and this is probably some indication that I need to get out some more) with the names! This is Honey on the right. He gets his ruddy complexion from the vino. He seems to have adapted well, though, and I’m hopeful that his place in front of the window will give enough light for him to continue growing.  On the left, we have Babe. Again, the light is a bit of an issue but so far so good. I have to get the ladder out to water him and it’s a right pain in the arse, not that I’d ever say that out loud.

When I come in from outside, my ‘Hi Honey I’m home’ and ‘How are you, Babe? no longer fall on deaf ears. And I get to practice my American accent. My neighbours are fascinated. They’ve caught me in mid-greeting a couple of times and am sure are wondering who I have stashed away inside the flat. Whoever he is, he’s very quiet…

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