Gratefuls 31 and 30

I missed last week’s grateful post. I didn’t forget. I simply didn’t have time. Such is the world of freelance living and living in Budapest. When the work comes in, you have to do it because you never know when the next batch will appear. And when you live in a city that people want to visit, then you can add whole days out of town away from a computer that means burning the candle at both ends to meet those deadlines.

One of those days was a glamping trip. Every so often, the Nomád Hotel outside Eger opens its gates and invites restauranteurs and wine makers to set up stalls. It serves myriad purposes.

IMG_4876 (800x600)
The hotel gets a new audience. The hundreds than come visit get to see the big yurts, the cabins, and the hotel itself. It then lodges in the back of everyone’s mind and when someone, somewhere, sometime in the future is looking for a venue, it’ll come to mind. It’s all done very efficiently, with registration required online although admission is free. You can take your pick of slots kicking off at 12 and then every two hours throughout the afternoon. We turned up an hour early for our 2pm entry but didn’t have any problems. On entry, everyone is given a cardboard box that serves as a tray. You then go from stall to stall, choosing your food. Great idea.

IMG_4860 (800x600)

IMG_4865 (800x600)IMG_4871 (800x600)IMG_4873 (800x600)The restaurants get to showcase their food. From what I gathered, all are members of the Slow Food movement and one I know came from Sopron. It’s not your regular festival food of fried meats. The vats of oil were missing. This was much more upmarket with everything served with a certain amount of panache. Impressive.

The wine makers get to reach new palates. Glasses can be borrowed against a payment of 500 ft, which you get back when you give back the glass. Given our last festival experience and a whopping 1000 ft for a beer glass that wasn’t refundable – this was nice. Being treated like a captive audience with no choice but to take what’s on offer gives me indigestion.

The artisan cheese makers and jam makers also get to sell their produce. Goats cheese never tasted as good.  The grounds are lovely – and quite conducive to the event. There was a sense of carefully cultivated hippiness about it all, with outdoor space blanketed and cushioned just crying out for company.  A lovely day out. And I’m grateful for Hungarian friends in the know who bring these sorts of events to my attention. Ta much. IMG_4884 (600x800)



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