Feng shui’d

Sha Chi  is bad feng shui energy, aka killing energy or attacking energy.  Think sharp walls, angles, long hallways flowing from the main door to the outer windows – think my hallway. And, to exacerbate the problem, my pictures were hung in one long line. If ever there was a poison arrow…this was it.

I wasn’t at all amenable to moving the pictures around. I quite liked the long, straight-line effect, but I’d promised myself that I would follow the Feng Shui instructions to the letter and, after much procrastination, spent the whole day rearranging my pictures.

First off, I had to buy more frames because now that I was going for the grouped effect, I didn’t have enough. Then I had to plan my strategy and lay them out on the floor so that I could ‘plan’ the rectangles.  Then I had to measure and try to get a line. At one stage I seriously missed having someone to boss me about  – a little left, a little up, no, too much – as it was, I had just myself to blame when it took three gos to get it right and only myself to congratulate when it worked first time. All in all, I think it was quite successful – if I discount the fact that I have myriad old holes to fill (I’ve heard tell that toothpaste works a treat?!)  and need to touch up the paintwork and have to find photos for the place-holder frames. The unions would love me – a successful day’s work is one that creates the need for yet another day’s work.

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