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Boss is an avid puzzler. He spends a chunk of his day, every day, doing crosswords and puzzles. The crosswords I get; the puzzles I’m not a huge fan of. And I’ve never gotten the hang (or the point) of Sudoku. But he maintains to that keep your memory, you have to exercise your brain every day.  For a while there, I was doing some online thing about remembering faces and orders and names. But I got frustrated too easily. I’ve always been bad with names and faces – it’s not an age thing, it’s a me thing. I’ve been dithering for a while now about finding something else that I could do for a few minutes each day, just to keep the old noggin greased and in good working order.

Today, I got one of those random emails from a complete stranger asking me if I wanted to link to their site on a blog I did about math stuff. I get a couple of them a week and usually write back asking why they think their site would be a good fit (I had one on rock climbing recently … ) and what do I get out of it. Usually, they promise to share my newly linked post with hundreds and thousands of their subscribers which, they say, will result in all sorts of increased exposure for me. But as the great NC is fond of saying, you can die from exposure.

None of them ever write back with an answer, so my blog is obviously something an algorithm kicked out as part of a search on related terms and their email is a standard template. Back when I cared about numbers and traffic, I did try it a couple of times, with zero success.

But this email simply introduced the product without promising anything by way of exposure.

I am inquiring about whether you may be interested in linking to our site https://www.mathschase.com/ from your page? https://unpackingmybottomdrawer.com/2018-grateful-17/ Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple game but I think kids will find it a really fun way to learn their times tables. I [am] wondering whether this could be a useful resource for your site readers?

I was tempted to write back and ask what was in it for me. There’s a limit to the free stuff I can do and I’ve reached it long ago. But then I thought I’d check it out first, just to see.

Have you seen the TV quiz show, The Chase? I’m a big fan when I’m in TV land. Those chasers are smart and ruthless.

Four strangers work together as a team to answer general knowledge questions on this quiz show. Their opponent? The Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius tasked with stopping the contestants from winning money, potentially thousands of pounds. […]

Well, in Math Chase, my chaser isn’t a ruthless genius, it’s a blue ogre 🙂 Yep – it’s designed as a kids game to help with their math. You can choose whatever level you want; set the speed of the questions; pick between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and balancing; and choose whether or not you want to be chased and how quickly. I’ve spent a good hour on it this morning. My character, Mr Dizzy (because I’ve been quite dizzy lately), is faring well against the monster. And I’m getting a quiet sense of satisfaction out of acing these tests and the next challenge will be to reduce the time it takes to answer them correctly. No matter that they’re designed for kids. I can feel ye olde brain cells kicking into overdrive.

My challenge – Try doing the Balancing test with the chaser set to the fastest level. It’s an adrenaline high. Not for novices.

Oops – I’ve just given Sarah some free advertising. I need to get smarter about this stuff. But hey, I had fun. And, in fairness, she didn’t make any promises she wouldn’t deliver on – she didn’t promise anything at all.


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