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2021 Grateful 35: Comedic timing

The times I miss being in a paid, pensionable job are rare. They happen, but they’re rare. I like being able to do what I

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2021 Grateful 36: Value

Back in the early days of my relationship with the Hungarian forint, I was a little addled. For a while there, I lost all sense

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Bluebells in Killinthomas Wood

2021 Grateful 37: Bluebells in the bog

I read somewhere recently about the restorative power of bluebells, namely seeing a sea of them in the woods. It must have been part of

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Heron by the Grand Canal at Digby Bridge Co Kildare

2021 Grateful 38: The habitual and the banal

Back when I was an innocent teenager, most of my summer was spent down by Digby Bridge. We’d cycle down for a swim and spend

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The light of himself

On the front of a house in the village of Kemence in the Börzsöny hills in Northern Hungary hangs a sign that says Legyetek önmagatok

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The Main Street Defense Team

I was on a career break for the big Bank Strike in Ireland in the early 1990s. When I returned to work, the picket line

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Too busy with COVID to help

We may well live in a global village, but those villages are often worlds apart. On 1 February this year, when Ireland and her diaspora

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Back to the convent

Sent down the village to pick up some blessed palm from the church, I spotted a Celtic Cross through the convent gates. Curious, I stepped

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No regrets

I’ve never been big on regrets. I prefer to avoid them. When faced with a decision of any magnitude, the question I ask myself most

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Irish wit

Around Paddy’s Day, the papers here were full of what Irish people abroad miss about Ireland. The list was long. It ran the gamut from

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