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Road with shadows of trees showing the tarmac, a tilled field (yellow) on the left and a green field on the right set against a blue sky

2022 Grateful 43: Lost without faith

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling. One I didn’t recognise.

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Three yellow daffodils growing on a verge in front of a stone wall

2022 Grateful 44: Perspective

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been busy. Very busy. Manic even. Work. Thoughts. Emotions. Fears. As I was thinking how

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old woman with her head in her hands

2022 Grateful 45: Old, cold, dead

I’ve pretty much removed myself from mainstream news. I find it very depressing. Knowing what’s going on in the world is good, yes, but sometimes

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Photograph of Blessed John Sullivan with a bunch of white lillies in front

2022 Grateful 46: Bl. John Sullivan

Saints and their lives fascinate me. They’re like a throwback from better times. Saints, said St Theresa, are only sinners who keep on trying. They’re

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Buildings Tell Tales

I fell in love with Budapest the first time I visited. I was gobsmacked by its wrecked beauty, the vestige of former glory that still

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The right person

I devote a lot of time in my comms workshops to what I call the use of voice. First person. Second person. Third person. Plural.

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2022 Grateful 47: Making a bags of it

I’m an early-to-the-airport traveller. I’d much prefer to be waiting two hours for a flight than to have to run down the corridors to make

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2022 Grateful 48: Artists against Tyranny

I’ve written more than once about my ongoing barny with Hungarian Customs. Anyone sending me anything from outside the EU results in my having to

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Image of St Brigid feeding the poor

2022 Grateful 49: Some woman, for one woman

She was some woman for one woman. She’d have to be to have been born in two places.

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life resolutions - supporting initiatives like Kíutprogram. Shown in photo a woman tending to her gherkin plants

A way out, one gherkin at a time

As we launch into 2022, I’ve shelved New Year’s resolutions in favour of what I’m calling life resolutions. Time has been Covidised. It’s taken on

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