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2021 Grateful 12: Customer Delight

My ongoing battle with Hungarian customs and my now too regular ransom payments to get my packages out of post office jail continue.

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Man wearing glasses on his face and sunglasses on his baseball hat with a hoodie and a jacket. Hotel in the backgroun. He's sitting at a table smiling

2021 Grateful 13: A treasured friend

October 1st is now indelibly etched on my brain as the day one of my favourite men in the world breathed his last.

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2021 Grateful 14: Just for laughs

Every now and then FB throws up something that makes me laugh out loud. The space between every and now and then has widened in

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New apartment building painted in bright purple and pink

2021 Grateful 15: Wild Flower Colours

Determined that as much as possible in Project #155 will be second-hand, renovated, or refurbished, I’m all for buying other people’s no-longer-wants. I have a

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2021 Grateful 16: A new understanding

A recent sailing trip opened a porthole to a world of understanding. Not since I first saw Rob Brydon’s take on quoting Shakespeare, have I

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Phone of a tall man, legs crossed, sitting in a great chair, holding up a glass of wine. He's seated in a living room with family photos and a lamp in the background.

2021 Grateful 17: And then the lily opened

When I was told this week that the inimitable Ray Grindley had breathed his last, I felt a curious mix of emotions. I say curious,

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2021 Grateful 18: Morning

There is a crispness about this time of year that does my heart good. Gone are the hazy, lazy days of summer where high temperatures

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Skinful: The fruit of her own doing

Of the four quotations on the opening page of Robyn Flemming’s forthcoming book Skinful: A Memoir of Addiction, the one by Joseph Campbell moved me

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Ransom Paid

I recommend going on holidays after your birthday because when you come home, odds are that some late present will be waiting for you. I

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2021 Grateful 19: The best of intentions

I’m a great one for starting things on a Monday. Somewhere, buried amongst the myriad rules I’ve accumulated thus far in my life is one

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