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2021 Grateful 7: Sacred Space

I grew up on American TV shows like Little House on the Prairie where the kids went to bible class or bible school before church

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2021 Grateful 8: Visiting Esztergályhorváti

Moving from small-town Alaska, I craved city life. I wanted to be able to go to museums and art galleries. I wanted to have access

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2021 Grateful 9: Mysteries, Yes

I was never a great one for poetry. I’m haunted by memories of childhood recitations. Having a stammer of sorts means that there are times

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Autumnal trees in Zalaszabar

2021 Grateful 10: Autumnal lessons

I almost missed autumn. I keep forgetting to go outside. I start the day with great intentions but then I lose track of time and

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Dealing with disappointment

I’m spending a lot of time on my own these days. Himself is away and with no one to talk to but myself, conversation is

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Guising, mumming, and souling

Hallowe’en is just around the corner. In Ireland recently, I commented on the huge uptake of this once pagan holiday. I can’t remember a time

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2021 Grateful 11: Toxic positivity

For some time, now, I’ve been moderating the prayers on an international prayer site. I don’t decide what goes up – I don’t have that

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2021 Grateful 12: Customer Delight

My ongoing battle with Hungarian customs and my now too regular ransom payments to get my packages out of post office jail continue.

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Man wearing glasses on his face and sunglasses on his baseball hat with a hoodie and a jacket. Hotel in the backgroun. He's sitting at a table smiling

2021 Grateful 13: A treasured friend

October 1st is now indelibly etched on my brain as the day one of my favourite men in the world breathed his last.

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2021 Grateful 14: Just for laughs

Every now and then FB throws up something that makes me laugh out loud. The space between every and now and then has widened in

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