What Lies Beneath is the title of the column I write for the Budapest Times, the city’s monthly English-language magazine. My remit is pretty broad. I get to write about people I’ve met, places I’ve happened upon, and life in Hungary as I see it.


In a previous life, while working with a think-tank in London,…
(c) Jonás Mátássy

Birds of paradise

I dislike the mindlessness induced by social media. I loathe…
ADvent wreath

The advent of gratitude

Advent is here. Christmas is in sight. The season of goodwill…

Dream your way out of this one

I brag about Budapest. I brag a lot. I brag to the point that…

Timeless elegance

In the Corinthia Hotel recently for breakfast, I was struck by…

Hitting the spot

Where has the summer gone? Is it my imagination or is time flying…

Hungary happened

I’m not a great one for making plans. Most of my major life…

Something to think about, with Ealy Mays

What I know about art could be written on the back of a postcard.…

AGGI rocks!!!

The world has gone off kilter. We’re in the midst of a big…