What Lies Beneath is the title of the column I write for the Budapest Times, the city’s monthly English-language magazine. My remit is pretty broad. I get to write about people I’ve met, places I’ve happened upon, and life in Hungary as I see it.

The Dogs' Breakfast Group

It does my heart good to hear non-Hungarians talking in terms…

The Other Balaton

I’m writing this from Balaton. Not the Balaton. But the one…

In abstraction: Jim Urquhart

On 20 August, Hungary celebrates its foundation and remembers…

Adding some Scottish to the mix

The French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said ‘We…
Bence Molnár wearing his golden keys

The Golden Keys

I was a fan of the 1980s American TV series Hotel, which opened…
Krisztina Dávid shooting in Rio

Living on a battery: Krisztina Dávid

Eons ago, I hung out with a guy who, as a teenager, lost the…

2019 Grateful 37: Thought police missing?

Last year, Hungary made the international news because of a controversial…

Chernobyl Diaries

Of all the questions expats ask of each other, what do you do…

The Greening of Budapest

St Patrick’s Day this year falls on a Sunday, which is perfect…