Bedroom: It started life as a plant stand

In the States recently, I came across vertical book stands for the first time. These were quite modern, and quite expensive, and quite impossible to pack in a suitcase that came with a luggage allowance, not to mentioned the two-week lead time needed to order.

Back in Budapest, there’s an antique shop just up the road from me that I spend quite a lot of time hovering outside. It’s small, and usually has customers when I pass so I’ve never had the wherewithal to go inside. Last month,  I saw this plant stand in the window. And I got to thinking that it would work just as well as a book stand. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, doing the ‘if it’s still there next Friday’ thing… and it was. And it does. Admittedly it’s not in an ideal location and will take a while to settle into that corner, yet it’s a nice ‘reworking’ of a 1920s Art Deco pot stand that hasn’t never been touched up… or so yer man tells me.

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