Bedroom: All I want for Christmas is a clerk’s chair

Don’t be deceived. This may look like an ordinary chest of drawers to the undiscerning eye, but it’s actually so much more. One of the joys of trawling through antique shops, junk shops, and flea markets is that you get to find out, first hand, how tetchy the staff are about you opening and closing drawers and presses (cupboards for the Americans and English). Some verge on apoplexy if you so much as lift the edge of a macassar whereas others would happily let you see if you could crawl into the wardrobe and bring your friend with you. That element of childish ‘let’s see how far I can push it’ is quite amusing and certainly adds to the experience. As does wandering around wearing a backpack… amazing how some of us get our kicks eh?

On those rare occasions when you open up a drawer or a door and find something unexpected, it’s even better! Then you can oooh and ahhh out loud, and when the other shoppers gather around, you know your hand is the one on the handle and you’re the one with first dibs.

Such was the case in the BAV on Jaszai Maria tér a couple of weeks ago. February 12. I’ve been looking for a chest of drawers. Any I’ve seen have been either in poor condition or very expensive. Or the drawers weren’t deep enough. Or it wasn’t high enough. Or the handles weren’t pretty enough. This one I liked the look of, and liked the price. And when I opened it, it practically called my name. And everyone else heard it, too. In a matter of seconds, there were two others around me, chattering away and looking as if they were wondering how to make me disappear.


How cool is this eh? The front of the top drawer is opens out to form a writing table! Now, with my short legs, I can stand and write quite comfortably. Not a long letter though, more of a short note, or maybe a cheque. Any lengthier correspondence will require a clerk’s chair…

When it was delivered, I found a CD of Beethoven’s Violin concertos in one of the little drawers. An added bonus! I just love it. The other three drawers are deep and wide, so it’s just perfect for me. It is missing its keys though – so four more to add to the list. I could make a career out of key shopping!

I’m not sure of the vintage – I’d say Victorian – any of you have any ideas? I thought it might have been a Bachelors chest, but it doesn’t have the shallow top drawer for the shaving foam! It’s old though. And I wanted something old and gold to put on the top. I’m getting quite protective of my tops lately and don’t want it ruined by an oil ring from a makeup bottle.


Now, you know how Sundays are my ‘day of rest’ – literally. Sam Waterston himself couldn’t drag me out of bed before noon (mmm actually, he would be a very good reason for me to stay in bed even longer).

Well, this Sunday just gone, I was up at the crack of dawn and getting off the metro in Szechenyi at 7.50 am heading for the Petofi flea market. My first time. And what an experience! A new venue on my guided tourist route.  Anyway, I was with the Queen of Vintage who was shopping for linens and I found this embroidered table runner. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The detail is exquisite. And if I’m to believe the woman who sold it to me, it once lived in a castle owned by them who had the monogram RB. And sure why wouldn’t I?

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