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Buy a burpee?

It’s Lent. Anyone growing up in Ireland knows that Lent means Trócaire boxes. Trócaire boxes come in flatpacks (note that, Ikea) and require home assembly. The three seconds it takes to fold the flatpack into a box complete with a money slot is worth as much more in terms of sheer satisfaction. This year, though, […]

2021 Grateful 44: What good china?

Out walking the other day, I noticed that the lake had frozen in places. Sticks and twigs and low-lying branches that would normally dance to the ebb and flow of the water were caught in place, trapped, unable to move. That resonated.

2021 Grateful 45: At the end of the road

For several years now, when taking the back roads home from Nagykanizsa, I’ve passed a signpost to Zalaújlak. Each time I’ve promised myself that someday I would visit that village and see what’s there. That someday was today.

2021 Grateful 46: Potato water and a forgotten backpack

A few weeks ago, spilling a pot of sweet potato water over the kitchen counter resulted in a major meltdown. I lost my reason and laid into myself with a barrage of vitriolic put-downs that shocked me. I was vicious.

2021 Grateful 47: Glass balls weather

We woke to a cold house. The electricity had gone out about 4 am. What heat we had built up had quickly dissipated and my hot flushes weren’t coming nearly quick enough to keep me warm.

An unbridled enthusiasm for life

Sometimes, when I see a baby or a toddler and they give me a certain look, I know that they’ve been here before. They’re old souls. This isn’t their first go around. They may have been on earth for only a few weeks, but they seem old, wise, experienced.

2020 Grateful 48: Presents I love

I love to give gifts but I’m not all that bothered about receiving them. I do my Christmas/birthday shopping throughout the year, picking up whatever screams a person’s name at me when I see it. But when I’m asked what I’d like, I find it difficult to think of something that people will actually get […]

A field of swans

For those of you who sailed through menopause without even noticing, I envy you. For those of you who have been through the horrors but never warned me what it might be like, I’m mad at you. For those of you currently mired in menopausal madness, I’m with you.

2021 Grateful 49: My feathered friends

I have a Pavlovian thing going with my birds. Every time I go outside onto the terrace and down the steps, they watch me. Quietly. No chirping. No sound. And then, when I come back in and close the door, they wait.

2021 Grateful 50: Restorative power of reedbeds

A couple of years ago, I considered myself a rational, intelligent woman. I had a handle on what was going on. I didn’t overact. I took things in my stride. But the heady combination of menopause and COVID lockdowns and travel bans and curfews has taken its toll. The speed at which I lose it […]