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2020 Grateful 5: Visitors

Eating in is the new eating out. And when you’re starved for choice when it comes to home delivery, you make do with creating your own in-house restaurant. I quite like choosing where to ‘go’ for dinner, especially when we have visitors. Mexican, Morrocan, Indian, and Thai have all be done repeatedly over the last […]

Tarnabod és Mi

What drives people to do good things? What makes them want to give of their time and energy for the good of others? What’s in it for them?

2020 Grateful 6: Kagandahang Loob

Some days, I find it difficult to get my head around anything much at all. A flashback on Facebook to a post some 8 years ago when I was apparently in Koln while my suitcase was in Hamburg is a mystery to me. I have zero recollection of it. It’s not the only mystery I’ve […]

Aide-mémoire for November 2021

My brain reached full capacity a long time ago. These days, if I want to retain new information, I have to chuck something out to make room. Or I have to take notes. This is one such note.

The fear of mindlessness

The conversations I’ve had today have taken me down all sorts of rabbit holes in search of a truth.

2020 Grateful 7: A spring in my step

I hadn’t realised that I’d been holding my breath for the last few days. What does it say about America that the world was watching the 2020 presidential elections so carefully? As I saw the congratulations flow in, I wondered if it was all a tad premature. Were I queen, I’d have waited until all […]

Ireland in Hungary

The Internet has probably been the biggest game-changer for diplomacy since Lord Palmerston heralded the first telegram as the death of diplomacy back in the 1850s.

2020 Grateful 8: Shop in Ireland for Pure Clothing

My Facebook feed has suddenly gotten a lot more interesting. I’m having a great time window-shopping and marvelling at the wealth of talent spread across Ireland.

2020 Grateful 9: Cash Concerns

I read recently that central banks are seriously considering their own digital currency. Plans are in the making. Since the start of the year, a group representing central banks from the UK, Japan, Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, the USA, and the Bank of International Settlements have been looking into what needs to happen to make […]

2020 Grateful 10: The Rule of Life

Generations of Benedictine monks around the world have been living by one rule for more than 1500 years: to have death at all times before them.