Some people who are, perhaps, better informed than I, who are more artistic, have more money, and have been buying, selling and renovating for years, might approach furnishing a flat in a more logical way. With me, each room had a particular ‘piece’ and from this piece the whole room took shape. I have never laid claim to possesing any discernable streak of logic. That’s not to say I’m disorganised. Quite the contrary. In my working life, I am one of Belbin’s ‘completer finishers’. I have no problem with decisions and have never missed a deadline in my life.

My personal life, however, is a completely different story. There is no logic to it.  If I don’t make a decision straight away, I can dither for days, weeks even. Most of my life-changing decisions (move to the America, go to Alaska, quit my job(s), go back to college, move to Budapest, Hungary) were made practically over night. Given any time at all, I flounder. And while this blog is personal, I’m attempting to bring a little organisation to it. Each room in the flat will have its own blog page. Each page will begin with the story behind the inspiration for that room. And each additional piece in that room will tell its own story. Journey with me and enjoy.