A tale of two cities

It seemed as if there were two cities. One that I could touch and feel. Another that I only caught the occasional glimpse of. A vision slightly distorted, hovering at the corner of my eye. Blink and it was gone. But soon, it was that secondary image I was looking for, the one reflected in the walls of glass that testify to the newness of this city. To its regeneration.

Pictures within pictures. Images divided randomly by lines that already exist creating even more variations, so that after a while I began to wonder which was real. They were everywhere. Clear skies and sunshine turned sheaths of glass into placid pools of aqua blue water onto which reality superimposed itself. It’s something I’ve noticed before but I’ve never seen so much of it. And it felt slighly surreal. But then Berlin itself is slightly surreal.









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  1. peter finnigan
    peter finnigan says:

    Great pics…….thanks Mary, nice take on the city as a sort of fairground attraction…….nothing is what it seems. It is said that our built environment is a good reflection (note reflection…….mirrors!!…..ah well) of the society that inhabits it. What are we to think of a society that gets by on illusions and reflections of the past……that hides behind anonymous facades, that builds buildings that have a real life of perhaps 30 years………think about the older buildings we see reflected in the glass. I think that the older ones were built by a society that confidence in its future unlike today.

    and look how their future turned out.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Next time get ‘yourself’ in the reflecting image:) Take care and safe travel. Love ya, Donna


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