A splash of colour

Berlin never struck me as city that would be particularly colourful. When I think of colour and cities in the same sentence, I think of Barcelona and Gaudi; or Subotica and its art nouveau; or even Budapest with its great green and gold rooftops. But not Berlin. Yet even though it has its fair share of graffiti, it is awash with colourful murals that reflect the diverisity of its citizens and the creativity of its artists.

Blank walls have become canvases and the streets an open air gallery. Travelling by the S5 out to Charlottenburg is particularly colourful with lots of interesting murals of a more political bent. Others are more cute than chiq and others still a bleak commentary on city living. Some trace the history of the city while others exist seemingly to mask its grime. Most are interesting though.

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  1. gingerpaque
    gingerpaque says:

    What a lovely Blog, Mary! I usually read your Blogs in their email notification. I realize with this one that I should come to the web page to see the layout as you designed it. I have never been to Berlin, and never imagined it as a place of color and illustrations. What a pleasant visit this has been. Gracias!

  2. peter finnigan
    peter finnigan says:

    Wow…………..how widespread were these murals? I would like to think that they are a public reaction to the lack of decoration on todays buildings (caused by lack of money, skills or fashion)……….these works were clearly undertaken by artists, I wonder if they were commissioned or I would like to think it was artists just reacting to a need. Great that the public authorities were happy to run with this and by the lack of grafitti on top them it would seem that the public are pleased with them too. Something for us all to learn from……….modern buildings in Budapest have lots of blank walls…………

    Thanks Mary

    • Mary
      Mary says:

      The base of one modern apartment block is painted with giant sunflowers and the orange colour continues right up the wall to the very top floor. I saw it from the S bann – a lovely example of how bland tower blocks can be ‘funned’.


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