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The world is getting smaller by the day.  A friend of mine in Palm Springs, California, emailed me to say that they’d heard an interview with a young musician, George Ezra, where he talked about his song Budapest. They mentioned that he was going to play a gig in the city this month. I checked and it was true. I’d not heard a thing about it here, but did get tickets.

It was on at the Akvárium Klub – a place with a rather spotted political history and one I don’t particularly care for, even before it was taken from one and given to another. But the tickets, at 4500 ft (€15 / $20) were a steal and I so wanted to hear how he sang the Budapest song live. I’d only ever heard it sung live by the inimitable Jess Leen and wanted to compare.

He started lezra2ate – nearly 45 minutes after the support act left the stage and he played for just 50. Fair enough – he only has the one album to draw on. His banter needs work but am sure he’ll grow into it – and that’s me being really critical.  I was by far in the minority age-wise and everyone else in the room seemed to be happy enough.

His sound, to this untrained ear, is all over the place. I heard shades of country, of Wham!, of Bowie, and while many of his songs failed to fully deliver on their promise of greatness, the potential is definitely there. I reckon in a few years’ time, when he figures it all out, I’ll be getting tickets again. He does have an amazing voice for a young lad who looks like he’s just made his confirmation.

The video he did for Listen to the man (my new favourite of his – am partial to anything that tells me I don’t need a plan 🙂 ) was shot with Ian McKellen – one of my all time favourite actors. A must watch.

It must be amazing to be so young and to have such a huge following. To be centre stage doing what you love to do and have everyone applaud, and ask for more. To have featured with Ian McKellen, too? What a life – and it’s only starting. Apparently Ezra’s 2015 tour sold out in 10 minutes. The boy’s got talent.

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