2023 Grateful 32: The long way home

I love to drive. Especially when I’m not in any particular hurry to get to where I’m going. Coming back from Gétye, buoyed by finding the daisies before the mowers came, I turned right instead of left, deciding to go home by Dióskál. It was the long way home. But only by minutes. As we mosied up the road, the same one we’d take were we heading to Vienna by the back roads, we kept an eye out for the left turn we needed. We’d spotted a fawn and a hare while in the hills at Gétye and as it was nearing dear o’clock, I was sure we’d spot something else.

I wasn’t prepared for what we saw.

I’d been thinking about the lack of poppies this year, given the fields of them that had been planted last year. I’d seen a scattering or three by the roadside but nothing compared to last year’s lot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I love my poppies.

And then, there they were. Purple poppies. Red poppies. More purple than red. Stunning.

And next door, a field of clover. Something I’ve only ever seen before when driving back from the Healing Forest in Slovenia.

Himself caught them both together.

Am grateful that we took the long way home.

We’re blessed indeed to be living in such a gorgeous part of the world.












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