2023 Grateful 30: Falusi vendégasztal

Today was a good day in the village. Coming back from a long walk to the open day at the Buffalo Reserve, I walked by a small building that has been closed for as long as we’ve been here. I was by it before I registered the tables outside and the smell of coffee. I rallied the troops and we went to investigate this falusi vendégasztal.

From what I gather, this village guest table (trans.) is part of a scheme whereby producers can sell what they produce themselves. Everything homemade.

The sign that was above the door said it was once an interior design workshop. Today it’s a café. And it’s gorgeous.

The coffee is good, the apple pita to die for, and the homemade lemonade was the best I’ve had in a long while. The decor is boho-ish but not kitsch. It has seating front and back. And it’s only up the road.

It’ll be open from 10 to about 6 at the weekends, Friday-Sunday, unless they’re away. I can see it being a regular stop-off on my walks.

Coincidently, we’d been chatting to Ákos from the owl sanctuary earlier, and he’d mentioned a friend of his who lived in the village who was a bird photographer – István Eiter. His wife, Maya, is the lady of the moment; she was up early this morning baking. And I, for one, am grateful that she was.

What’s not to like? A truly EXCELLENT apple pita with a vanilla cream sauce and spectacular photographs of birds on the Kis-Balaton (on sale in the café). Petőfi utca 83, if you’re passing through.


Does it get any better?


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