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2022 Grateful 20: Magic

There’s lots of magic in my world these days. Nearly every morning when I wake up and go out onto the back terrace, there’s something new on the table. This morning it was a kilo of yellow runner beans. Yesterday it was tomatoes. Last week it was a large squash. Magic.

Occasionally, they come with a lesson on what they are and what to do with them. The beans are sárgabab (yellow beans) – I think. They could be vajbab (butter beans). Maybe they’re one and the same. I don’t know. My limited runner bean experience stops at green beans.

The recipe that came with it involved the ubiquitous tejföl (sour cream – it’s a Hungarian staple), garlic, and flour. I could, she said, also freeze them. But I was already in chutney mode and three hours later I was spooning runner bean and courgette chutney into jars. The courgette (a huge zucchini really) had arrived last week from further down the village.

The tomatoes are now a spag bol sauce, cooling, ready for the fridge. I’m still not quite sure what to do with the squash. Who has time to work?

But this isn’t the magic I want to talk about.

The inimitable BOS has a thing for talent shows. They regularly repost some audition or other from Britain’s Got Talent or some such. Usually, if they repost, the videos are worth watching.

This is delightful, not least because of the magic. But also because of Iwasaki’s infectious humour and good spirits.

I’m saving it here so I can rewatch it on days when there is a shortage of magic in my life.


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