Interior of the church - empty pews facing an altar with magenta lights as a background for a nativity scene

2022 Grateful 2: Mary’s dream

Never one with a strong sense of direction, or any sense of direction for that matter, I took a wrong turn in Dublin recently and ended up on Sean McDermott Street. The name is synonymous with that of the Venerable Matt Talbot, the patron saint* of addiction. His body lies in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in the heart of Dublin.

Facade of a red-bricked church with a rose window. Bare trees to the left are aset against a blue sky - the sign to the bottom left reads Shrine of the Venerable Matt Tablot

Three photos - one of a map, white streets on red background, framed, sitting on the floor against the wall. The sign reads Matt Talbot's Dublin. Top left - a photo of a white-haired man in a black suit greeting a Pope. A third, against the wall, is a photo of a white-haired man with a mustache hands held as in prayer ,on his knees. Text reads Matt Talbot 1856-1925

Coffin encased in a marble tomb with glass windows - a pew sits in front of it with the marble bust of a man to the left with a sign saying PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CANDLES HERE.

I’d been to visit him before. But last time it was closed.

Wandering around the church, I spotted something I’d not seen before: the Sacred Heart of Monto.

Silver painted statue of the Sacred Heart against a background of red satin

There’s more to the story, if you have the time and the inclination.

But even that wasn’t what stopped me in my tracks. It was this – a simple frame holding the story of Mary’s dream.

I’m grateful for wrong turns and getting lost…

  • Though he has not yet been formally recognized as a saint, Matt Talbot has been declared Venerable and is considered a patron of those struggling with alcoholism.

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