2020 Grateful 48: Presents I love

I love to give gifts but I’m not all that bothered about receiving them. I do my Christmas/birthday shopping throughout the year, picking up whatever screams a person’s name at me when I see it. But when I’m asked what I’d like, I find it difficult to think of something that people will actually get me and not feel bad about doing so. I’m all about consumables or experiences. I don’t want or need more clothes. I don’t wear jewellery. I don’t wear make-up. There is very little I need and less again that I want.

I love art, but that’s a very personal thing. It’s hard to buy for someone unless you’ve listened carefully to the hints 🙂

Back in December, a box arrived from Amazon Prime. I don’t like giving Jeff my money but if other people want to make him richer, that’s their gig. Anyway, in the box (way too big for what it contained), was two tubes of toothpaste. My favourite brand that I can’t find here in Hungary, sent by the lovely LJ. She’d asked what I wanted and I told her. There were no protestations of

Seriously? Toothpaste? I can’t get you toothpaste for Christmas. Really! That’s not a present.

The present was about what I wanted to get and not about what she wanted to give. I was very happy when I opened it, and very grateful that she’d listened.

Fast forward to February, the second month after Christmas. Another box arrived. Again from Ireland. Post has been slow. This time it was from the lovely LN. She hadn’t asked me what I wanted. In fact, I seem to remember that in Christmas 2018 we’d decided that our gift to each other would be our time – time to have dinner, lunch, coffee, a cocktail. Just time. This wasn’t possible this Christmas so I got a present instead. Unexpectedly.

I opened it to find two boxes of savoury cheese biscuits, which are impossible to find here at anything approaching a reasonably extortionate price. I was so happy. So grateful.

It doesn’t take much. Toothpaste and biscuits. And friends who pay attention and know 🙂


The cat? She was just visiting.


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