2018 Grateful 35

Usually I don’t get heat-cranky till late June but this hot weather is playing havoc with my schedule. The hottest April on record here since records began 218 years ago, the highest low temperature ever, and the highest morning temperature registered on 1 May.  We’ve skipped spring and leapfrogged into summer. Madness.

Over in Alaska, friends are waking up to snow-covered decks. They had summer last week and have now reversed back into winter. Avalanches are being forecast with 33 inches falling on Thompson Pass since 4 May. More madness.

In Dublin, they’ve had a rocking weekend with an Irish hot of 20 degrees. That’s practically a heatwave. I’d say it was madness, but sure they’re mad anyway 🙂

And with far more to complain about, friends in Hawaii are watching lava warnings after a massive earthquake the other day. Evacuations are underway. Lives are falling asunder. What’s happening in the world?


All I needed was some perspective. My lot don’t seem half-bad in comparison. I’ll quit my bitchin’ and deal with the perspiration. I’ll bring out the perfumed hankie to combat the rampant BO, and start planning a trip to the sea. Lots to be grateful for.


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  1. Bernard Adams
    Bernard Adams says:

    I’m never quite sure where you are!! But down by the Balaton it’s not all that hot – car thermometer said 28 yesterday – so come here and chill out.

  2. endardoo
    endardoo says:

    I always smile when I hear us Irish complain about the heat. We long for it, look back on it in sunkissed fondness and then we get it …

  3. Debbie Fowler
    Debbie Fowler says:

    I was just complaining that we needed some bright sunny days, no more rain and grey skies. Well Madam Pele showed us all that grey, and a little rain weren’t so bad. Your correct perspective changes, now I’m thankful my house and all are safe except for some bad air quality, and we are so lucky compared to so many others around the world.


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