2016 Grateful 4

Sometimes, life gets a little overwhelming. Twenty-four-hour days aren’t nearly long enough to do everything that needs to get done. And when my to-do list spirals out of control and spills over onto a third page, I have a tendency to sing my theme tune more often than usual.

Until this past weekend, I didn’t even know I had a theme tune, an utterance that has been popping out of my mouth with little bidding for years, usually when things are in danger of getting on top of me. Mine is simple – it goes something like this: oi, oi, oi-oi-oi. The inflection and the tone might vary but the words never change.

During the week, I took myself off to Kuplung (a great little venue on Király utca) to see Frenk – a Hungarian singer I’m particularly fond of. I first saw him play with Budapest Bár at Sziget a few years ago and have been a fan ever since.

One of my favourites of his is a duet he does  – Where the Wild Roses Grow – it’s guaranteed to improve my mood, no matter what state things are in. But the song on his playlist that is a tonic for all my woes is his version of Iggy Pop’s Tonight.

And it would seem that his mood determines how he sings it, too. I like it best when it’s just him and his guitar. There’s not much to the lyrics but there’s a verse that resonates and speaks of a quiet that is all too elusive.

No one moves
No one talks
No one thinks
No one walks, Tonight

There’s lots to be grateful for in Budapest – and one that ranks up there is the sheer variety of things to do in the city. On any given night of the week, there’s someone (many someones) singing or playing music somewhere. The gigs are affordable (often free) and can be found in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. Last week, too, I finally got to see Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker at the Opera House and for the first time heard Bartók Béla performed by the Budapest Festival Orchestra in the fabulously restored Lizst Ferenc Music Academy.

Wasn’t it Plato who said music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul? No matter – I had a mad week last week and this coming one looks even worse. The few hours I spent in good company with great music were restorative… and Lord knows, I’m in need of restoration.


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  1. clive75mercer
    clive75mercer says:

    Try Lime mortar, always recommended for the best repairs to structures in need of TLC !! Sounds like you need to take stock and take on a bit less, Working over Christmas and the new year ???? Hope not. Give yourself a break.
    All best wishes.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    I agree with Clive – and urge you to slow down a bit, treat yourself to some ‘idle’ time by the yuletide fires and smile at the beautiful lady in the mirror!

    Funny co-incidence.. (Gods way of remaining anonymous). Will be going to our Bloom church office tomorrow to help cut, paste and color ‘stars’ to give out during Advent. Each one will have a word and the verbal instruction to see how that ‘word’ plays out or fits into your life. Last year, mine was…..restoration. We are sisters of a sort. If I can get my forgetful mind to remember I will send it to you. Love


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