2016 Grateful 39

After a week beset by broken cups, glasses, and printers, a week coloured by extreme mood swings that had me (and those around me) confused and disoriented trying to keep track of whether I should be laughing or crying, I have decided to face the inevitable… I can put it off no longer …  menopause looms.

With serious reservations about whether my emotional togetherness will weather the storm, I have to admit to being more than a little anxious. Not so much about the major decisions called for (think HRT or not HRT) or the physical discomfort entailed,  but more about the irrational behaviour. What, you say? I’m no stranger to irrationality? mmmmm

What I know about ‘the change’ as it’s so coyly referred to at home, could be written on the inside of a cigarette box (and yes, I foundered). Recent forays into the experiences of others have left me more than a tad nervous about what lies ahead.

Right now though – in what has been a pretty stable 36 hours, emotionally anyway – a reprieve from the madness, if you will, I’m so very grateful for a little humour and the chance to warn you of what’s to come.




6 Responses

  1. Lifes’ learning experiences… what fun!!!! Welcome to what I refer to as ‘toilet seat’ behavior (up and down) OR – Life is like a roller coaster… Strap your ass in and go for the ride:-) Love and positive energy headed your way. Please excuse the punctuation and spelling slips. ‘Sometimers’ in full bloom!

  2. Dear Mary, it is also a state of mind. List down ten advantages to you arriving at maturity. Congratulations you lived so long. In times of madness steer away from individual contact with any body unless they have feeling of iron. In the winter wear layers of clothes so you can strip at a decent level and then dress again withing a couple of minnutes. In the summer, well hot is hot. Stay away from thoughts of ‘I am not coping’, you always do, stock up on nice food that keeps you happy. Exercise to make up for it. You are not a lone, one friend here has been there, done that, and you still like her. Keep up the good humour, you will make it work for you xx

  3. Mary, I have always lived my life as ” it’s quality not quantity”‘, HRT does give you back your life, sanity at most times , the irrational behaviour, the night sweats, the confusion – life is too short to be putting up with such things. I have taken HRT for 18 years now, the past 10 years has been two or three a week. I worked out for myself the space needed between tablets to keep life at a level that was comfortable . So for the past two years I have taken one every 5 days. That kept that the night sweats, mood swings, skin & sleepless nights at bay.
    Unfortunately I had to stop in January due to having a knee replacement . Within two weeks all the symptoms came flooding back with gusto, the night sweats ( thank god no one was in the bed beside me!) the sleepless nights, the mood swings, now 8 weeks later the skin is beginning to go downhill.

    Knee replacement next week, then 8 weeks till I can go back on it ….. Can’t wait.

    I think life is for living, enjoy, don’t cause grief to those around us, life can be short, enjoy, it’s only one pill a day to get you stabilised. In saying that it can take a number of different pills to find the right one for your system. . Can make a hell of a difference to ALL aspects of your life. Good luck with your decision.

    1. Hope it will be a while yet before I have to make the HRT or no HRT decision… best of luck with the knee replacement. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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