2015 Grateful 45

‘Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to come into my life?, I asked. He looked at me, a little taken aback. We’d only just met and he didn’t know me from Éva. ‘Mushy peas’, I said, practically salivating as the sibilants rolled off my tongue. ‘Mushy peas.’

And the light bulb went on.

I had heard a rumour sometime last year that my neighbourhood would soon be home to a fish’n’chip shop and I was thrilled skinny at the thoughts of being able to nip round the corner on a Friday for a meatless lunch. It finally opened in January and yesterday, I nipped and lunched and enjoyed it all immensely.

20150220_160704_resized (428x361)

Bubba’s Water Grill has fish’n’chips and garlic mayonnaise and mushy peas. It has other stuff, too, like salmon and calamari and fish soup and fish burgers, but it was the basics I was after.

It’s a fast-food joint, although no one in there was in any particular hurry. You order at the counter and pay and then sit. In a matter of minutes, your lunch is served – on plastic, in plastic, and with plastic accessories. (The only drawback of the whole experience, but one that is reflected in the cheap-as-chips price.) They have water on tap from a cooler – fizzy or still – and the place is decked out in nautical gear. The service is great. Noticeably great.

I had ordered the small portion as I was going out to dinner that evening and admittedly, did balk a little when I saw the two pieces of fish on their bed of chips. But it was plenty. The fish was meaty and firm and the batter light and airy. Just the right combination. The chips were irregularly shaped (a giveaway methinks showing they were hand-cut potatoes and not the frozen, bagged commercial ones) and cooked to perfection. I even got an extra portion of mushy peas, so happy was I to see them on the menu.

This week has been difficult  grand (oops forgot I’d given up complaining for Lent!). It was longer than usual, full of people, and completely energy sapping. But in a good way. Finding Bubba’s open for business and doing business as business should be done – with efficiency, good humour, and a quality product – was a lovely end to my week. And for that I’m truly grateful.

It is worth a try? Definitely. Will I go back? Absolutely. Bubba’s Water Grill – Corvin Sétány. Open  11 to midnight.

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3 Responses

  1. That must be bliss, with a capital BLISS !! Do they also have “red sauce”, and extra “mayo”, but not in those miserable sachets, that wont open, and when they do, the contents at best end up on ones fingers. Any other place bar the food, would break your Lenten promise !!

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