2015 Grateful 31

Something weird and wonderful happened last week – or rather a series of odd things that made me believe that all would be well with my world. It was as if the universe was in sync with what I was thinking and each time I was in need, it reacted. All quite trivial in the grand scheme of things, but notable all the same.

I had a dinner party on Friday night and I needed some mustard powder for a brisket recipe. I couldn’t find it anywhere and with time a little on the tight side, didn’t want to spend either the time or the money checking out Culinaris (a spendy shop that has lots of what expats miss about their various home shops). I had lunch with a Hungarian friend who was just back from a trip to the UK and what did she get me? Some Coleman’s mustard powder. I was impressed.

I had planned to do a blue cheese salad with carmellised pecans but I was having trouble finding walnuts, let alone pecans. The postman left me a slip to say that a parcel was sitting the post office waiting for me to pick it up. It was from a mate in Alaska whose daughter had first introduced me to that salad. He’d sent me some pecans. I was even more impressed.

I’d planned on making Irish coffees but didn’t have any Irish coffee glasses – you know, the ones with handles. I was out in search of some fresh chillies and had, in desperation, gone to CBA (I was desperate!) Anyway, what did they have on the shelf but six Irish coffee glasses. I was really impressed.

bourbonOn Friday, as I was cooking my bourbon beans and having fond memories of my mate Rex, who gave me the recipe. Rex died last year – too young, too soon. And when I make these beans and read his email, I can hear him talking to me. Anyway, I was using the last of the bourbon I’d brought back from Kentucky and had made a mental note to replace it. And then one of my dinner guests shows up – with a bottle of bourbon! I was  seriously impressed.

Sometimes, like dominoes, everything falls into place. Sometimes, I just have to think it and it happens. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make it great.

I had a good week. A very good week. And I’m grateful. Grateful for the company of good friends. Grateful that Békéscsaba will be in the first division next season. Grateful that I can still find an inordinate delight in the most insignificant of things.


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      • Bernard Adams
        Bernard Adams says:

        Oh Mary, be thankful you’re not old enough! That Was The Week That Was was a very popular BBCTV show of many years ago, in which e.g. David Frost first came to prominence, and the singer Millicent Martin. Satirical political stuff, often very clever. Not inspired serendipity like your week!

  1. Donna
    Donna says:

    I know I’ve sent this before, but here it is again – very appropriate. “Co-incidence is God’s way of remaining anoymous” author unknown but admired. Happy to be your friend and of ‘like mind’ on many things. Love you very much.


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