Writing about whatever comes to mind

What started as a simple WordPress blog chronicling the renovation of a flat in Budapest has grown legs.

I had no plan for it, other than to keep interested parties around the world informed of what I was up to. My postage budget had been diverted to paint and time was in short supply; blogging seemed an efficient way to stay in touch.

Thirteen years later, it is an intrinsic part of what I do. I write about life in Hungary, the country in which I finally got to unpack my bottom drawer.

I write about my travels, about music, food, spirituality, politics, life, death, cemeteries. I write about whatever comes to mind. There is no plan.

If you’ve just found me, welcome to a work in progress. Feel free to engage, to comment, to add to what I’ve written. Let’s chat.


If you notice something not working, please email steve@zala.ie and let us know.

My most recent posts

Purple petalled flower on a in a bed of green leaves

2023 Grateful 5: Anam cara

I’ve lots of time on my hands these days. Between making cups of tea and fetching whatever needs fetching, I’ve only the occasional piece of

green grass in the foreground with the watermark anyexcusetotravel.com - moonlight casts a shadow on tall trees

2023 Grateful 6: Silence

Tired of me repeatedly hushing them, a friend told me adamantly that no, they were not being loud.  We talked about it and concluded that

Silent Witnesses

In conversation with Dorottya Szalay recently, I asked her what I could expect were I to call NANE’s helpline – ‘First of all’, she said,

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